About us

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We are a small team of tractor pullers based in UK

Kevan Whittingham has been involved in British Tractor pulling since it’s early days with Father Alan and then brothers Paul, Neil taking on the drivers seat as they became old enough. (see full history) Josh now makes the 3rd generation to compete.

Then jumping forward some years back in June 2009 Kevan took the drivers seat again in a modified tractor - Snoopy 3 which had undergone a complete chassis rebuild from the ground up of the old Chariot of Fire machine previously owned by Mike Lawrence. This New tractor was driven by Kevan for two seasons before another complete rebuild in the winter of 2010 following a lively ride at the European Finals.

Following the winter of 2010 and a complete redesign and rebuild to lower & move the weight forward plus the fitting of Puller 2000 tyres, so that at the start of 2011 Kevan’s son, Josh took over the drivers seat, to drive Snoopy 3, when he tuned 18.

Kevan took the driving seat again in August 2012 in the New Snoopy 4 in its 1st run, straight into a 4.5T Eurocup event.

Todays tractors are both based on a pair of Rolls Royce Griffons running on either Aviation Fuel (Av Gas) & Methanol - Snoopy 3 and Alcohol (Alky Burner) - Snoopy 4 

Both tractors being supercharged and running with Puller 2000 tyres. We compete in the British Tractor Pullers Association, (BTPA) and are members of The North West Tractor Pullers Club (NWTPC) competing on tracks in both the UK, we also compete in the Eurocup & have been invited to a number of Eurpoean events across Europe.

The Team :-

Kevan Whittingham,

Josh Whittingham,

James Squire, 

Paul Nixon, 

Gary Johnson,

Richard Robinson,

James Squire, Kevan Whittingham, Richard Robinson, (New Fire Suits June 2017)

S4 - Team DSC00168

Josh Whittingham (Bernay 2018)

IMG 5006

Paul Nixon (Great Eccleston July 2018)


Gary Johnson (Great Eccleston July 2018)