History of Snoopy 3 - Part 1

Back sometime in the spring 2006 work started on rebuilding and modifying the two engines, at the same time the original chassis from Chariot of Fire was completely stripped and rebuilt to Kevan’s own design and specification, the objective being to remove over a 1000Kg from the 4.5T modified machine so it would complete at 3.5T instead with the option of loading up to reach 4.5T so allowing competition at both class weights. This took a total of 16 months but


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mfvol1 115

by June / July 2007 the two engines were completed and were mounted on the new modified chassis for the 1st time.


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so after years & months of work the tractor was nearly finished but we missed the July 2007 show pull.  We managed to get the engines started for the 1st time but they were burning oil and just would not clear.


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It was later that summer in August 2007 and the tractor was still not running properly, there was far too much oil, it would not clear and it became clear that oil was coming from somewhere, so we were unable to attend the August pull and needed a complete rethink, it was no were near running right. (See trying to start on YouTube

That winter October 2007 through to spring 2008 the tractors engines were removed and one was changed but that did not work so we then had to look deeper, so the engine banks / heads were removed due to heavy oil consumption and still oiling up. The tractor under went another changes to the chassis & also the throttle bodies were changed to try and loose more weight as we did not meet the 3.5T objective for the class. By the summer of 2008 the tractor was rebuilt and complete but we could not get the engines running properly so we spent most of that summer trying / swapping various parts and even an engine until we finally got the two engines running together and without burning oil. It turned out oil was flowing down the valve guides where they had been cleaned so "o" rings were installed until the engines had oiled up, so solving he problem. 

However we ended up missing the August Pull Click to see August pull & the 2008 season.

So durning the winter of 2008 and early 2009 we under took a complete strip down and rebuild, where the tractor was re-engineered in certain areas and lighted in others by engineering out the weight so as not to loose any strength.  The Tractor was stripped to the chassis, the chassis was altered the crossbox moved forward and then reassembled having been re painted.


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