Snoopy 4

Statistics and Specification 

Name                         Snoopy 4

Class                         Modified 4.0 Ton

Make & Model          Modified, Chrome Moly tube chassis

Engine Size               V12 - 36.7 Litres

Engine Make             Rolls Royce MK 58 Griffon

Number of Engines  2

ENGINE                     Supercharged

Engine Size               V12 - 36.7 Litres

Fuel                            Methanol Fuel Injection

Driver                         Kevan Whittingham

Kevan with the New Snoopy 4 - Having just one 1st prize for best turned out tractor - Great Eccelstone show July 2012

IMG 1542

General information.

Snoopy 4 is driven by Kevan Whittingham who has been involed in Tractor Pulling in the UK and Europe for many years, starting out with his Father Alan and brothers as far back as the 80's. 

Snoopy 4 has been designed entirely from scatch to Kevan's own design and specification. This has brought together all his years of experience and expertise on running modified tractors and his knowledge of Rolls Royce Griffon engines which will now be running on Methanol fuel. This tractor although designed to run at 4.5T has through clever  engineering and design managed to come in at only 3.8T allowing it to compete in Europe and allow for any future new classifications that might come along.

2012 Eccelstone Show - Best turned out Tractor

 Kevan & Snoopy 4 

IMG 1541

                                                                                                                  Kevan Whittingham

IMG 1507

Snoopy 4 nearly finished and ready for display at Great Eccelston show, fuel issues preventing us from running on teh day.

IMG 1534