History of Snoopy 4

Sometime back around 1990 Kevan built two chassis and had got as far as fitting the diff housings and roll cage. In January 2011 worked restarted on completing the chassis and by March that year the chassis was completed and had been painted and was ready for the engines etc to be fitted for size & layout.

IMG 0971

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Next the fenders were made and fitted to the chassis.

IMG 0995

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By May 2011 the both engines had been completed and the rear axle fully built including a pair or Puller 2000 so we had a rolling chassis, and started to refit the engines into the final position.

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work then started July 2011 to fit the two newly finished engines back to the chassis for the final time after they had already been test fitted before painting etc.

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Work then stopped while the 2011 season took place and then through the winter months and many hours, so that by March 2012 the tractor was starting to get closer to the finished article.

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By the start of May both tractors were nearing completion although as it turned out Snoopy IV still had a long way to go and as we found when we finally got all the new ignition fitted and managed to get the engines started for the 1st time. 

IMG 1464

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However this proved to be an exciting time although after concern when a small fire broke out on the rockers either because of the excess fuel catching or the breathers from the rockers, so we had to shut down. This meant that we were not ready for the Eccleston show in July and so we took the tractor and showed it to the expecting crowds but we were any able to run.

IMG 1535

This meant a slight re-think and so returning home and back to the workshop the exhausts were removed and replaced with 24 new smaller bore ones and breathers being added to the rockers, and some rethinking on the timining adjustments and fuel settings before we were able to restart. 

IMG 1543

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This proved a frustrating time were various different settings were tried and even nozzle sizes altered to try to find an optimum setting. It was only on the morning of Saturday 25th August 2012 that we managed to get both engines running well enough that we decided we could load Snoopy IV up and headed off down to the Eccleston showground and our 1st run in the 4.5T Eurocup. What a baptism of fire for our 1st run.

IMG 1571

Saturday night was a wash out and so the tractor stood in the pits and plenty of admirers came and talked about Kevans new machine, and long awaited as it had in combination taken 12 years to buid (although a family life, a couple of houses, Truck pulling and the odd break in there somewhere might account for some of that time) 

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