History of Snoopy 3 - Part 2

The tractor was ready for June 2009 but Shakey was rained off so the tractor made it’s 1st proper run in July 2009 at the Eccleston show (although with only 3kg to spare on the weighbridge) The tractor had a little smoke on the line but cleared and made it's 1st pull pull to the cheers from the crowd. (see YouTube 1st run) We cracked most of the exhausts to removed that night and had them back on for Sunday. The run went well and the nose lifted (Full Pull achieved) but we broke the differential so could not return for the pull off. 


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Then on to the August 2009 pull where the tractor and engines ran well on the saturday night in the 4.5T class, but we twisted the spigot shafts so could not run on the Sunday. Then off it was then to the European Finals at Bakel in Setember 2009 where the tractor ran with no front weight at 3.5T and with nothing to spare (0.5Kg) the front lifted badly and Kevan had his very scary ride resulting in injury and a broken tractor.


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Bakel-Sa-A (351).JPG

During the end of 2009 / early 2010 the tractor was again stripped and rebuilt with new front axle, changed rear chassis, the engines were moved forward complete with crossbox and the balance totally moved forward to stop the nose lifting as we were still right on the weight limit. The 1st event at Shakey was too wet to run so the tractor again made it's 1st run of 2010 at the Eccelstone show, although a wet track made getting the power down tricky, although all went well so we were pleased the redesign had worked. The Tractor balance was greatly improved.

SAM 2825

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SAM 2829

August arrived and we had a storming run on the Saturday night and managed to take 1st place.

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IMG 0956

However during October of 2010 the tractor was again rebuilt this time the objective was to stay at 3.5T but to fit Puller 2000 that were going to add another 250kg. 

IMG 0977

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However by March 2011 we had done it and the tractor was ready for the season ahead, and a new chapter in the story!

Josh Whittingham takes over the drivers seat for 2011. (Click to see Snoopy 3 Latest info)

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meanwhile a new machine started to take shape. (Click to see History of Snoopy 4)

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